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Hey dance friends! Thanks so much for your interest in Dance Fachin's online classes. The online classes have brought joy to our lives and Dance Fachin thanks YOU for being apart of it. We're not going anywhere, classes will still be happening over zoom, however the online purchasing platform will be shutdown for the next few weeks. You will be notified via social media and email on when our classes are scheduled and you can purchase the class by email transferring money or by Paypal to If you have missed a class and would like to purchase a full class video here's what we have on offer: - Backstreet's Back -SClub 7 Party -Janet Jackon's "All For You" - Gaga "Bad Romance" -Bootylicious - Missy Elliot's "Work It" - Spice Girls "Wanna Be" - Nysnc's "Bye Bye Bye" -Single Ladies -Space Jam - Cherise Solomon's Class "Dance With Me" by 112 -Disco Party "Mighty Real" -Vogueing to "Legendary" -Airiana Grande's "Bloodline" - Doja Cat's "Say So" *shoot us an email at to let us know what video class you'd like! Thanks so much for your support, dancing has brought us tremendous joy over the past few months of Covid life. Can't wait to keep dancing and growing with you all! Emma & the Dance Fachin team

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